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Acupuncture CEU:

Acupuncture CEU Course Testiomonials

Did this course meet its stated objectives?

  • Yes, it exceeded my expectations based on the objectives I read on the website.
  • Yes, the course was very clear and well organized.
  • Yes, absolutely above and beyond my expectations!

Did the instructor demonstrate adequate knowledge of the course objectives?

  • Yes, they were very well informed and answered all of my questions clearly.
  • Yes, both instructors demonstrated extensive knowledge in the subject area.
  • Yes, above and beyond!
  • Yes, they are the experts of their subjects! Very good!
  • Yes, they both had excellent knowledge & experience.
  • Yes, very much so.

Did the instructor utilize appropriate teaching methods?

  • Yes, very informative.
  • Yes.
  • They had an overhead, chalkboard, handouts, etc, so yes.
  • Yes, perfectly.
  • I liked their dual teaching approach, nicely timed breaks, and the great snacks.

Do you feel that you will be able to apply what you have learned today to your practice?

  • Yes, I look forward to utilizing the learned skills.
  • Yes, everything I learned today I will try to apply to my practice.
  • Yes, very much so.
  • Yes, this knowledge of food and medicine is very helpful and very informative.
  • Yes, I will be able to apply what I learned tomorrow.

Would you recommend this course to other licensed Acupuncturists?

  • Yes, absolutely!
  • Of course.
  • Yes, this is a great course.
  • Yes, absolutely, very good CEU course.

Additional Comments:

  • Wonderful teaching, thank you!
  • What an excellent seminar!
  • Very good seminar, I highly recommend them.
  • I found these doctors to be very friendly, approachable, and helpful.
  • One of the best CEU courses I have had.
  • Wonderful, so well organized, I love the handouts they give out, easy to follow and understand, thank you so much.
  • A very enjoyable CEU course in a very comfortable setting.

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Acupuncture Continue Education

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